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15th-Jan-2017 12:11 pm(no subject)
"To say of it, 'Here is a magnificent novel' is rather like gazing into the Grand Canyon and remarking, 'Well, well, well; quite a slice."
--Dorothy Parker, writing about André Gide's "The Counterfeiters"
9th-Aug-2016 10:17 pm(no subject)
"We have acutely sensitive hands, but we handle the world with thick gloves and then, bored, blame it for lacking shape."
--Charles Foster
28th-Jan-2016 07:32 am(no subject)
waarachtig -- Dutch, something that's not true but feels so true that you believe it
20th-Jan-2016 04:53 pm(no subject)
"Feminist theory came from feminist activism--it wasn't the other way around. I accept that important theorists like Judith Butler may arrive at enlightening conclusions, but theory can be exclusionary, and that's not my path. My path is to open the door to this house, to get out of the world I know, and to experience new worlds, new voices. It's making connections, and using myself to listen, because you can't empower women without listening to their stories."
--Gloria Steinem, as quoted by Jane Kramer in "The Road Warrior," The New Yorker, October 19, 2015
20th-Jan-2016 04:40 pm(no subject)
"...antagonism is never worse than when it involves two men each of whom believes that he speaks for goodness and rectitude."
--Vincent Buranelli, 1957 (writing about Henry David Thoreau)
17th-Dec-2015 05:07 pm(no subject)
"From Woodstock to the CBGB's era was only six or seven years....And then if you think about it, from Bill Haley to Woodstock is only ten, eleven years. And I've been flogging the same bullshit for thirty years now. And I feel like...I still feel contemporary, you know? Which is absurd. It should be impossible."
--Steve Albini, on WTF with Marc Maron
20th-Nov-2015 04:17 pm(no subject)
"The restaurant's founding chef, Davide Scabin, is best known for encasing an egg yolk in caviar in a bubble of plastic wrap, at his avant-garde restaurant Combal.Zero, in Piedmont....Buy-in to his scheme varies among the waitstaff. What's your favorite thing here, one was asked. He thought for a bit. 'Victoria's Secret models come in sometimes.' They drink a lot, he said, and at the end of the night they hug everyone."
--Amelia Lester, reviewing Mulino a Vino in The New Yorker, September 21, 2015
6th-Nov-2015 09:51 am(no subject)
"Baked beans keep me going all right but green beans are my enemy food."
--Emma Donoghue, Room, 2010
13th-Oct-2015 10:50 pm(no subject)
"Writing, as a means of expression, has to compete with talking. The talker need not rely wholly on what he says. He has the help of his mobile face and hands, and of his voice, with its various inflexions and its variable pace, whereby he may insinuate fine shades of meaning...but the writer? For his every effect he must rely wholly on the words that he chooses, and on the order in which he ranges them, and on his choice among the few hard and fast symbols of punctuation. He must so use those slender means that they shall express all that he himself can express through his voice and face and hands or all that he would thus express if he were a good talker."
--Max Beerbohm
1st-Jul-2015 08:23 am(no subject)
If I say slide, get dirty
If I say stay, don't run
--Jill Bialosky, "Manhood," The Players, 2015
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